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Gumbae Culture

Singer, Songwriter

Gumbae Culture is an international reggae artiste who was born and raised in Manchester, Jamaica. Gumbae who was an avid football player in his early adulthood derived his stage name from one of his colleagues whilst on the football field. He later learned the meaning of the name and decided that due to the African connection with the name it befits his personality and what he is trying to achieve; hence, the name Gumbae Culture stuck with him. Gumbae Culture is an artiste who holds true to the Rastafari Culture and spirituality. As a young man growing up in the hills of Manchester, Gumbae has always believed in righteous living which involves building strong communities, and setting a good example for the children. Although he hasn't assail to stardom as yet, he continues to send a message of right living, peace and love in his songs. Gumbae Culture is a bearer of light, as his music and life style suggest. He hopes that his music will continue to pierce the darkness that plagues the music industry, and will one day bring illumination to those who are seeking to find a better way... continue reading  


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