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*The soulful Reggae RnB sounds of the multi-talented Dianna Wright*


The addition of Dianna Wright’s soulful Reggae/RnB sounds was the perfect energy we needed to close out Ghana’s GMOs referenced video interview with Local Farmer A, in our Africa Day short film. The inclusion of the “Bed of Roses” song helped to enhance the cryptic message and to further highlight the Africa Day 2022’s Theme of Nutrition. Bed of Roses Official video (


Dianna Wright, is a professional independent Jamaican Reggae Singer and Songwriter.


In the early 2000’s Dianna produced her first gospel CD entitled, “Portrait of Praise” where she gained international attention and that afforded her an immediate number one song titled “If You Miss Me.” To date, the song have been covered by several Gospel artistes and continues to receive frequent rotations on global radio stations. If You Miss Me (


In late 2005, Dianna released her second Album titled, “Blessings and Honor” with a newly formed PFAD company based in Florida. The listening audience immediately favored hit tracks such as “Heaven, Turn around and How Could I Let Go” from the electrifying album. Appreciatively, Dianna affectionately embraced the warm reception from her local fans and global listening audience. Here is a live performance of the song "How Could I" form the album, Blessings & Honour -Dianna Wright: How could I (


In addition to Music, Dianna is a gifted well-rounded multi-talented accomplished publishing Author, Actress and Poet. In 2010, she self-published a book of Poems entitled, “The Conqueror’s Quest.” The thought-provoking “I Redefine Me” poem was recorded in a spoken-word format, is a crowd-favorite and have garnished several plays on various platforms.  In 2024, Dianna Wright published a new edition of 116-page book of The Conqueror's Quest. These poems have some deep, positive life changing effects. If a reader is looking for motivation, inspiration and self-love, this book is a great place to start. Dianna Wright- The Conqueror's Quest | 16barsproduction

As an actress, Dianna have appeared in numerous ‘on and off-screen’ film productions. She is the recipient of numerous awards from the Jamaica Development Commission (JCDC) and have earned several accomplishments in Speech and Drama Presentations. Her works includes two self-produced Spoken Word, “God in all His Splendor” and “Undying Love” CDs. One of the major highlights of her off screen performances is that of her Jazz Orama character. Here, she presents a one-woman show that mirrors the lines of extracted material from the renowned poet, Martin Glen’s writings and as part of her live sixty minute performance presentation.


She is the proud owner of 16-Bars Multimedia; a music and movie production company. Dianna Writes songs and directs short films for other artistes, and she continues to do so, as writing is her passion. Let Me Down Easy: Michael O. Hill (


Over the years, Dianna’s lists of talents have afforded her an extravagant list of travel opportunities to various parts of the world. One of the key travel spots that resonates with her is, Ghana. She considers the experience and living accommodations close to home, a replica of her Jamaican upbringing. Whilst on the continent, she reveled in optional Media coverage and have been interviewed by several production houses such as: Ghana’s TV Africa and Metro TV. While she was in Ghana she engaged in some philanthropy work. She adopted the Manya Krobo Senior High School's Senior High School Drama Club located in Acuse, Ghana. Dianna Wright continues to support the school with text books for the library so that needy students can have access to books for their final exams.  


Her recent works includes a May 6, “Bed of Roses” single release that has swiftly gained her even more international attention. A production that is currently picking up steam across the airwaves. Followed after Bed of Roses, is the single AHOO. This is undoubtedly a 'banger' and the dancehalls can't wait to get their hands on this one.  Already, this song has begun to trend in some countries in West African. Several radio stations in Jamaica are catching the sensation of this compelling rhythm and lyrics.  Please visit for more information on Dianna Wright’s projects.

At Labony Senior High School- Nation School Competition- 2022

Kingston, Jamaica, 2024: Dancehall Thursday, Kng. Night Market, Kingston Pier etc

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