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The Conqueror's Quest - New Edition: By Dianna Wright


Publisher: 16 Bars Multimedia

(c) Library of Congress 2024

ISBN: 979-8-9897465-2-1

Excerpt: The People Who Laugh





The road ahead is not always smooth,

And bitter, the sweet, between your teeth.

Oh, what glorious crown upon your head,

If your torch still burns bright after all was said.

Another mile or two, maybe…

“Upward the climb!” the echoes chime.


The darkened skies, the moon affright,

No stars to bear a flicker of light,

Yet hope burns and sparks the darkest night,

To retreat tears from my crying eyes.


My heart pounds…Sound the alarm!

Just one more step from the millions I have left.

Atop this hill, steep and still, the sky gives birth-

A new day to earth.


Day lights upon me like a lost friend,

And oh, the passion that burns when first we meet.

At last, I retire my traveling feet,

When morning dawns upon my cheeks.

Treasure Chest



I’ve packed my bags, and laced my shoes.

Me and this old town are through.

I have a gold mine inside my chest.

Buried in the rubble is where it's kept.

Covered beneath this ragged dress,

Unnoticed, I carried this treasured chest.

I have a map to where it leads,

But the old town causes me to bleed.

For my gold they have no need,

Though this ragged dress is priceless indeed.


Away… away, the old town cries!

Take your bow and bid goodbye.

Unsightly is your ragged dress,

And for your worthless treasure chest,

We have no interest.


Now the old town is laid bare.

Cold and abstract was the stare,

As though kings have never lived there.

The ruins money can't repair,

Though they have plenty to share.

Storefronts begging, any talents to spare?

We'll pay double, a strum to hear, 

And triple if a hum you dare -

And for your ragged dress, we must confess,

We knew you were that treasured chest.

Dianna Wright @ Harbour View Primary
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