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Manya Krobo Senior High School.jpg
Manya Krobo Senior High School.jpg

A visit to the Manya Krobo Senior High School in Ghana. July 2022

This is the School's Drama Troup. They put on an excellent show for us. We were so impressed with the students, staff and the entire production, we decided to adopt the Drama Troupe.

Sharing a very touching moment with the students at MAKROSEC

This Drama Troup won third place at the High school drama competition in October 2022. We are so proud of them. 

Preparing for the simi- final National School Drama Competition

My team on the grounds - Donating school books to MAKROSEC - October 2022

We strive to give our audience something to want, something to love and something to reach for. Our music will find you anytime you need it most.  Make our music a keep safe. 

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