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Gumbae Culture

We do better together

At age 16, under the guidance of Mr. Osbourne Madoo. Gumbae Culture began travelling across the Island of Jamaica singing on various renown sound systems such as: Studio Four, Black Star Liner and Destiny-traveling. Having been exposed to some key people in the industry, Gumbae joined the HQ Band in Manchester. At the time The HQ Band had gained its popularity becaue of their unique sound and stage presence. Gumbae added to the good name of the band, becase he was able to add to their melodious sound and and stage presence. The HQ band became a resident performer in hotels across teh North Coast where they performed at various local hotels, wooing hundreds of patrons both locals and visitors to the island. That was a turning point in young Gumbae's career, and he vividly remembers the band leader, Keith Powell, who was dubbed, music extraordinaire not only for his talent, but also for his experience working with musical stalwarts such as Lloyd Parkes and We the People band!


Gumbae began to stand out among his peers, and soon thereafter he  gained popularity as a solo artiste. As his fan base grew, he was given the opportunity to record his first single,…We shoulda never de yah from start - powerful song about the enslavement of African people. This song was recorded at Sonic Sounds Studios, Kingston, Jamaica. The song gained momentum in a short space of time, and it stayed in rotation in dancehalls, clubs and on the radio for several weeks. In 1995 Gumbae Culture went to New York City and connected with the Rhythm Master Band which at the time was a plus for his career. As he navigated the musical scenes in NY, he realized that he had to start from beginning since he was in a new territory. A bit disheartened at first, but because of his winsome personality and talent, he worked his way from ground-up. While on his journey, he met and started working with Producer, Richie Roots of Blackmind Records, in Mount Vernon. He also worked with reggae producer: David Clarke, Sound Engineer Phillip Smart, composer and writer Rickie Myrie, and Jan Junior Jazz- who started the work on the ''Black Again'' debut album which was released on The Dan Tish label. Black Again album was distributed by


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VP Records and subsequently landed on some of the major radio stations in Jamaica such as, Royal Radio, Mellow FM, Irie-Jam, Linkup and Linkage radio, to name a few. As the album gained momentum, Black Again stood out as the leading song. Later, Gumbae was approached by Dennis Thompson, jr. and Dean Thompson of Interlude Pixtures to record a video promo of his new album. After he recorded about seven of the crowd's favorite songs, more doors opened for him to share stage with reggae icons such as Tony Rebel, Garnet Silk, Ranking Trevor, Brigadier Jerry, Mickey Jarrett and many more. He performed on many local shows like Extravaganza 2000 and Sting 2008. Gumbae brand his mission as a true Reggae Ambassador, advocating Peace and Love! 

In 2019 Gumbae met 16-Bars Multimedia- a Jamaican music and movie production company based in Charlotte, NC. 16 Bars was impressed with his voice and contacted him for an interview. The following year Gumbae appeared as a special guest at the Pure Reggae event in Charlotte, NC. This was a two-day event set to kick-off 16-Bars Debu showcase. Gumbae has found a home with 16-Bars Multimedia. His past recordings and current ones are available in digital format on the company's website. Gumbae is slated to perform at Pure Reggae in Accra, Ghana in 2023. This is a milestone for the artise, as this will be a first time on the continent. Gumbae Cultur knows he has the talent and experience to warm the hearts of the Ghanian people.  

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Singer, Song writer

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