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Dianna Wright

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Singer, Poet, Author, Actress

Dianna Wright as her last name dictates. She is a writer by all means. This free-spirited artiste has been in this business as early as her teenage years. Naturally gifted, she discovered her own talent when she wrote her first short story at age twelve. 

Self discovery at such an early age helped to shape the woman Dianna became today. A true leader, a risk taker and a go-getter are the words that best described her attitude towards, life and business in general.


Growing up, Dianna had the love and care of a father who stood by her in the best way he could, and to-date, he is the most memorable and genuine part of her journey. Jamaica has her to thank for the very popular hit single, "if you miss me" a song that has found its way in the hearts of many people in Jamaica and abroad. 


Dianna continues to be a light to many as she now opens her space to work with other talented artistes, such as Imaara, Floyd Robinson, Gumbae Culture and a few others.  continue

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