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Michael Oliver Hill, born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina is the only child of Ethella and Albert Hill. Michael O. Hill came from a background where both parents were involved in music for most of their adult lives. Ethella was very involved in the church choir, while Albert and his friends had started a Rock-n-Roll band by the name of Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, which is still well known in the beach music circles today. Both parents’ musical involvement had a direct influence in the way he has embraced his own musical experience. At an early age, Michael started singing in the children’s choir at their family church, but during his early teens, he gained interest in the secular arena and by age 19, he became a member of an adult band by the name of the Exact Band. Ironically, this was the same band that his father played for when Mike was a toddler. For three years Michael Hill enjoyed the limelight of singing lead and backup vocals for the Exact band. He toured numerous cities in and around the United States, gaining traction at every venue they sang. Michael’s melodious voice and his calm personality made him easily likable by peers and fans. Night after night he witnessed the stage lit up with colorful lights. He heard the enthusiastic clamor of an energetic crowd screaming encore after encore. This was a turning point for him, and by this, he knew that he was destined for success. 

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