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My Name is Pedro 


I am a disjockey


I am a radio broadcaster


I am a voice-over actor


I am a videographer

Pedro Graham

aka Selecta Jammy
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Pedro Graham, a.k.a DJ Jammy is a licensed Cardio Vascular Technician by profession. He is also a radio personality, an actor and a Sound system DJ.


Born and raised in Trelawny, Jamaica, West Indies, Pedro had his primary and high school education in his hometown and later, Knocks college in the parish of Clarendon.


Although he is medical professional, Pedro has never abandoned his passion for the arts and music. As a youth growing up in the beautiful Jamaica where talent flourished like the plenteous ripe mangoes, he too has had his sure fill of many roles in a lot of school plays and poetry competitions. His love for the art and sports and academic was evenly divided, and he managed them well even to this day.  

From the high school student who played several roles in Jamaican Pantomimes and skits, to the long winded 400 meter boys champ competitor,  he has remained focused and has kept his multi talents evenly afloat. 

During the days he is saving lives by making sure the heart never misses a rhythm, in the evenings, those same skilled, nurturing hands are selectively providing the best rhythmic music that soothes the souls of listeners around the world. He is the owner and a broadcaster at Zion Heights Radio. 


Now in 2019, the stage which was once a meaningful playground has met up with him again. Coming soon, a brand new movie called Roll Call, Pedro Graham plays the role of a wealthy-do entrepreneur who finds himself lost in a dense thick forest among strangers, all because of what he believes in. 

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