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Nothing in life is free, and neither should music

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

JT's Music

American R&B Singer

JT is an American R&B singer and song writer. As most singer with a similar upbringing, JT has his roots in the church. This young artiste grew up with a strong two-parental background, and siblings to help nurture him to be the remarkable man that he is. JT's mother has been engaged in the music business among some recording icons, and has garnered valuable experiences that she passed down to him in his quest for stardom. 


This young artiste has had many challenges as he tries to make a conscious effort to sing songs that promote positive energies. Take it Easy is his first single, and so far he is satisfied with the progress he is making. The song was written and produced by Chris Napier of 16 Bars Production. JT has made it clear that he knows that it is a long road to success, but he believes that he has the guidance and support of family, friends and 16 Bar Production to help him get there. Most importantly, JT has not given up on his faith, and he believes that the heavenly father will favor his effort.   

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