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Nothing in life is free, and neither should music

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Chachi's Music

American Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Amaziah Young was born in Long Island, NY, but grew up in Charlotte, NC with his parents and siblings. At at early age, this child prodigy had vocal melodies to woo and sweep any listener off their feet. His melodies and runs will leave you breathless, to put it mildly. This somewhat shy young artiste is more than just a singer, at an early age, he was taught by his father to play bongos and as expected, he mastered it. He didn't stop there, but learned to play the piano and the drums too. 

As he found his pace in the music arena, Amaziah, affectionately called Chachi also found a niche that matches his style, confidence and personality. The name Chachi came as a mispronunciation from his baby cousin at that time, but somehow the name stuck with him to this day. Chachi hails from a musical family, so it didn't come as a surprise when his talent began to shine through. Throughout his early teens and at present, he continues to exhibit the quality of a star. He became known in his circles for R&B and as he explored the music industry, he developed a taste for reggae to the likes of Bob Marley, Beres Hammond and others. He has written and produced several songs on his own which has gained him some recognition as both singer and musician.


In 2023, 16 Bars Multimedia produced a beautiful single for Chachi entitled, Mocha Queen. This song was written by Dianna Wright and produced by Chris Napier for 16 Bars Multimedia. As expected, he executed it flawlessly. This  is indeed a smooth reggae, and perfect for his tone. This is the kind of musical energy that leaves the female audience clamoring for more. The song also features a rapper by the name of Skeet. This is an ideal representation of a love song that compliments your queen. The song is pleasing to the ear, the lyrics are like reading a beautiful love letter, captivating and romantic is the best way to describe both song and artiste.  

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