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Allan Lewis

Journalist/Voiceover actor
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So pleasingly captivating is the rich baritone speaking voice of Journalist and voice over actor, Allan Lewis. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica Allan holds a post graduate degree in Mass Communication from the University of the West Indies. Allan is still yet one of the best voices Jamaica media has produced; and to add to his accolades, he pursued a television production course in London England, and a radio drama production course in Holland. His charisma and brilliance give him the edge in front of the cameras or behind the microphone.  

Allan Lewis has spent many years as announcer and programs producer at some of Jamaica’s top radio stations such as: Radio Jamaica Ltd, [RJR], Love FM, Mello FM, Gospel JA FM and The Jamaica Movement of the Advancement of Literacy where he worked as a program’s producer. Lewis has written many plays for radio, television and stage; he is truly a man of many talents. He is the author of two children’s books: The box and Bed time stories. (coming soon) a writer and recording artiste. In 1999, Allan was one of the ten finalists in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Gospel song competition with his original song, ‘what will you do when the party is over. 

Apart from his winning personality and captivating speaking voice, many people will remember him for his performance with the popular University Singers and Father Holung and Friends Ensemble. Over the years, the multi-talented Lewis continues to give the best of himself to the entertainment industry, and he strongly believes that soon he will receive recognition for his contribution to the industry. Progress is never without obstacles, but I intend to never lose sight of my goal, and the reason I started is still the motivation that fuels my drive. Lewis told 16 Bars. Lewis made an appearance in the popular Law and order series, and in 2020 his most recent on camera role was in, A Predator's obsession. He continues to do voice-overs for television and radio production. Allan Lewis believes that soon, he will stand on the world's stage and when you hear his voice, you will never forget him.

Movie he appeared in. See him at 1.25/2:26
Commercial. See him at 0:55/1.02
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