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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Floyd Robinson

We do better together

Singer, Songwriter


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Floyd Robinson aka Mall Chest has a range and a melody that compels you from the first time it hits your ear waves. 

Floyd  Robinson has shared stage with many of Jamaica's known artistes. His genre ranges from gospel to culture. Floyd is type  of artiste you would put on repeat.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Floyd grew up in Clairmont District, St. Elizabeth with his grandparents. Young and gifted with a bright future in the music industry, Floyd never missed an opportunity to grab the mic. From primary to high school, he was known as the little boy with the big melodious voice. Churches in and around Santa Cruz ceased every opportunity to put him in front of their congregation to deliver a soul-stirring rendition. As he matured into his late teens and became more aware of his skills, he began to look for ways to sharpen his skills. As a teen, he was already renowned in his district with several churches
and event planners have him as a frequent act on their roster.

 Floyd realized that this was his calling and so he began to seek greener pastures in and around the Island. He loved the music and the music cleaved to him. After he graduated high school, he returned to Kingston and landed in the company of some known acts in the industry. As the wheels of opportunity turned, he broadened his style to include conscious and culture music. This genre was ideal for the refine quality in his voice; and he was ready to show
the world what a gift can do. Now a grown man, and a versatile artiste, his skills catapult him in the company of producers like Cave man, who produced his hit single - Be still. That song opened up other doors for him that lead him to share stage with culture and dance hall giants such as Sizzla, Octane, Nature, Tarus
Riley, Fredlocks, Bennie man, Jah Vinchi and many other famous Jamaican artistes. Floyd Robinson has done collaborations with Sizzla, Tiger, Chaos, Dianna Wright and Yazine, and artiste based in England.


Hits singles -
Be Still now playing on radio stations in Europe. This song was written by Floyd Robinson, and produced by Floyd Robinson and Caveman. Be still also featured DJ Chaos.
Man a suffer, another one poised for greatness currently on popular Jamaican radios. An all time favorite is the dynamic single - Wanted. This song will be featured in 16-Bars Upcoming big screen movie – Forces.

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