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Dancehall Artiste, Musician, Songwriter

Born and raised in Trinidad, Terry Regis, AKA AKSHAN has always been keen to the music. At a very early age, AKSHAN started hanging around people who were involved in the industry. As his passion grew for the music, he realized that he had a knack for writing and coming up with lyrics on the spot. Every chance Terry got, he used it as an opportunity to hang out on the block with friends, and together they had their own little street sessions of beat boxing,  freestyle competition, and imitating their favorite DJ'S.  AKSHAN spent a lot of his free time organizing music clashes in the streets which drew a lot of attention from passersby and those who live in the vicinity. One of AKSHAN's favorite memory was him trying to dress like his favorite artiste, and driving around the block with loud music in his car. He knew that one day, he would make a name for himself in the music business.


In 2009, AKSHAN started learning how to become a Disc Jockey, assisted by one of his friends in St. Kitts who had a sound system called Scorpion Sound. He quickly gained momentum at dj-ing, and assumed the name Black Scorpion. In a short span, he became good at being a disc jockey; thanks to his musical ear, his swag and his winsome personality. The name Black Scorpion began to ring in everyone's ears, and as he progressed as a Disc Jockey, people in the community remembered him from the early days of his street clashes; this inspired  them to come out in droves to hear and watch him spin music on the big sound system. Finally, AKSHAN's love for the music started to pay off, literally, and as his fame grew, he started to get contracts to play for private parties and regular weekends at the shops.

His exposure to the industry opened up many doors for him, and as he honed his skills, he learned from others and became even more proficient in the business as a Disc jockey. In his early twenties, AKSHAN had already mastered the art of dj-ing, which earned him the privilege to share and compete with and against  other Disc Jocks. He recalled teaming up with a friend from "Bad Influence" Sound, and together they juggled music at various clubs and other venues.


AKSHAN has always been a fan of reggae and dancehall music, and gradually he started writing and composing his own songs. He was influenced by some of Jamaica's top reggae dancehall artistes; and as his love for the music grows, his writing skills developed, which gained him even more recognition as an entertainer.


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