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About us

We specialize in Voice overs, Music Production, Song writing, Ambient music, Special effects for movies, presentations and Video productions. We do graphics designing, film directing and acting.

We are collectively creative, and individually gifted. We are the art you see, hear, feel and touch. We are the strokes in your fine art, the lyrics in your songs, the rhythm in your music, the idea on your stage, the plot in your books. We are our gifts. We are equally balancing the art forms with our creative energies. 16-Bars Multimedia LLC's vision is to work with creators who are conscious of promoting positive energies through various art-forms.

16-Bars Multimedia LLC was developed with a view to capture several artforms under one umbrella. We are a family-oriented business that specializes in unearthing young talents who want to convey positive messages to the masses through music, comedy, action and drama productions. We believe that most artistes are multi-talented and, therefore should be able to demonstrate all of their skills in a way to earn a living from them; hence, the reason we prefer to work with untrained, raw talents.

Untrained, raw talents come with their own flare, without remaking the act totally, we strive to use what they bring so that an artiste can be his/her "best self."  Hearing is knowing as much as seeing is believing. If you are working on a project and it lacks the excitement and the authentic sound that you are trying to convey, then we can help. We have stressed 'clean content' and we stick to what be believe it. As long as your content is clean, we will work with you to produce 'movie-quality effects' that  your listeners or viewers can appreciate.  If you are working on a budget, your project does not have to sound like a 'budgeted' production. Only the best is good enough, so talk to us today and let us work on your next project. Do it right the first time and give your fans a reason to talk about the good quality sound of your production.

16-Bars Multimedia LLC makes music in-house at the 16-Bars Recording Studio. We work with talented musicians from all walks of life, especially 'unsung' heroes who would not otherwise have their names mentioned in the industry, or given the opportunity to do so. We believe that hundreds of artistes are still waiting on their break, while some have given up especially in the face of a changing industry.

We specialize in Reggae, dancehall, Afro-pop, R&B and Hip-hop music production. We are Triple "C' Certified, which means we have set a standard to produce Clean Content. In today's world, where everything goes, we have decided to be different. While we play and make most genres of music, we do not subscribe to lude and vulgar lyrics. We are not concerned with the beat, we focus on the lyrics, because we have the next generation in mind.

Songs we will produce -

* Gospel

* Love songs

* Culture

* Dancehall * non-violent

We are not an automatic management or booking agent, unless that agreement is reached in writing. Also, while we CANNOT guarantee stardom, we will ensure that if we have an agreement, we will do our best to ensure that your light burns bright for others to see.

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